How difficult is it FoR US TO LEARN HOW to cREATe our Data collection FORM?

CSTAT sets itself apart from many other field form products since we create the customized mobile form for you. We eliminate the need for you and/or your staff to spend hours watching instructional videos and being frustrated through trial and error to create your own form.


How much DOes It COST to Have A mobile FOrm created?

Another unique feature of CSTAT is that we do not charge to create your mobile form. CSTAT charges a nominal fee for the usage of the mobile forms on either a per usage, per user, per property, or on a monthly basis. We are very flexible in working with you to tailor the fee to your specific need.



You can either provide us a paper version of the form or just provide us an outline of your requirements. CSTAT will create your form and then conduct a webinar to demonstrate the form and any changes can be made during the webinar. Once a form is ready, users can pilot the form and any changes can be made following the pilot.


How Long DOes it take to have a CUSTOM mobile Form ready?

Typically, your mobile form is ready within one week. However we have had some forms ready within a couple of days or even the same day on several occasions.


What Type of mobile devices does CSTAT Operate on?

CSTAT operates on iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.



CSTAT operates with or without a cellular connection. Once a form is downloaded in CSTAT to the device, the form can be used to collect data. If utilizing CSTAT without a cellular connection, once a cellular connection is available, the user syncs the data with the cloud. 


How is the Data outputted?

There are numerous ways data can be outputted. Most commonly, we place data directly onto a PDF form (this is done by a process that does not requires us to recreate a likeness of the form, but put data directly onto the original PDF) or incorporate it directly into a Word document. We can also export the data as an Excel spreadsheet. For those that have another software program that they want to feed the data into, through CSTAT XF we can export data through an API. In addition, through CSTAT XF, we can even create custom dashboards to display data. Customization and flexibility is what truly sets CSTAT apart.


Any other questions?

If there are additional questions that you may have, please contact us and we will get back with you as soon as we can to provide you the answer.