We at CSTAT believe not only in the importance of dialogue between client and vendor and but also between peers in order to identify solutions for issues in our industry. These type of discussions build relationships and trust and may foster additional opportunities for all involved. Therefore to encourage a dialogue regarding mobile technology, CSTAT is conducting a referral contest where the Grand Prize is a new Phantom 4 drone (estimated value of $1,200).


A majority of our clients are referrals. In particular, our newest clients are property owners/Asset Managers who need to conduct their own internal inspections (building inspections, unit inspections, Energy AUdits, etc.). They had unsuccessfully searched For a mobile App that met their needs until they were introduced to CSTAT and its customized solution for data collection and output. Therefore, We are encouraging interested people to spread the word about CSTAT to their clients, industry peers, or other Business relationships. As a way to thank you, we are offering a Phantom 4 drone to a person or company that is the most successful in helping CSTAT spread the word out about our customized Data collection (and customized Output) Mobile app and platform.

  1. The CSTAT referral contest runs from August 8, 2019 through December 6, 2019.

  2. The winning person or company will be based upon the total signed contract amount of relationship leads provided to CSTAT.

  3. A relationship lead is defined as a formal introduction through a phone or email introduction in which a specific need has been identified.

  4. At periodic times during the contest, the person or company in 1st place may be mentioned on the CSTAT website.

  5. The winner of the contest will be featured on the CSTAT website.

  6. The referred companies will not be identified by CSTAT without permission.

  7. The final total of the winning contract amount will not be posted by CSTAT.

Questions regarding the referral contest? Please contact us and we will be happy to speak with you.